Greenmeme is the vision of artists Freya Bardell and Brian Howe. Together, they have been creating site-specific public artwork since 2005. Qualities of material, context and form begin anew with each project. Their investigations into the history of both the surrounding culture and environment reveals unique ways in which each project can work to raise awareness of these qualities through sculpture, performance and community engagement. Since coming together their work has continued to range from smaller locally-focused commissions to creating projects on a national and international scale.


Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 | Freya Bardell + Brian Howe and Friends

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Hot Air


Methane is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases. This methane collector, commissioned for a Toyota Prius commercial, highlights the need to look for alternative fuel solutions. A whimsical project that toyed with the idea of a ranch where people harvest waste streams for alternative fuels.

  • Commissioning Agent: Toyota Prius
  • Artist team: Marcos Lutyens with Freya Bardell
  • Media: Sail cloth, fans, cows and people