Greenmeme is the vision of artists Freya Bardell and Brian Howe. Together, they have been creating site-specific public artwork since 2005. Qualities of material, context and form begin anew with each project. Their investigations into the history of both the surrounding culture and environment reveals unique ways in which each project can work to raise awareness of these qualities through sculpture, performance and community engagement. Since coming together their work has continued to range from smaller locally-focused commissions to creating projects on a national and international scale.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 | Freya Bardell + Brian Howe and Friends

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This artwork is a creative interpretation of regional climate data generated by scientific institutions in the San Jose region.  The project grew from a three year partnership with UC Berkeley biological field station, Blue Oak Ranch Reserve (BORR) and represents the potential for an ongoing artist residency program focused on evolving issues of climate change, increasing public awareness and inspiring behavioral change.

The project on display in these cases uses a combination of satellite and time-lapse photography transmitted via solar-powered cameras located in the east hills of the Santa Clara Valley.  The cameras record the movement of wildlife and change of the seasons every 3 minutes, 24 hours a day.  The ongoing transmission of information to the airport becomes a dynamic archive of the climate.

Project Partners:  U.C. Berkeley’s Blue Oak Ranch Reserve (BORR), Lick Observatory and XERIC DESIGN, creators of EarthDesk, Richard Humphrey

  • Commissioning Agent: City of San Jose, CA, San Jose cultural Affairs
  • Artist: Freya Bardell and Brian Howe
  • Team: Brent Bucknum, Dr Michael Hamilton
  • Multi Media: LED screens, canon 5D, solar power, wireless, video, CNC etched plywood art panels
  • Dimensions: Two 15′ x 8′ x 5′ display cases
  • Budget: $60,000
  • Year Completed: ongoing