Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe

Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe work under the studio name, Greenmeme. The studio creates work in a territories of art, architecture and landscape. Taking a process driven approach to design, they create work where the needs of community and ecology come together, with unique solutions that employ both digital and traditional methods of fabrication. We create in a process driven environment, striving to make pieces that are integrated into their communities and natural habitat.  

Our project portfolio exhibits artworks that have considered the importance of long-term, low-maintenance design strategies for unique site conditions and budgets. Over the last decade, Greenmeme has exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Zero1 Art and Technology Biennial, Horizons Arts/Nature Festival, Make Art With Purpose and the Glow Festival. Greenmeme has been published in Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Surface Magazine, Detail, Public Art Review, LA Weekly “People Issue”, Transmaterial 1 + 2, and other art and design publications. They were recipients of the CODA International Public Art Awards 2017 (Merit winner) in Transportation.