“Chantilly Clad” 
Urban Garden and Performance Pavilion, Long Beach CA.

A temporary pavilion, situated in an empty lot, that can be used for outdoor performances, workshops, and other events. Eight California native gardens surround the stage. planted as a weekend workshop with members of the community.
Hand woven lace canopy made from 30,000 feet of boat rope create a decorative shade structure. Shadow patterns connect the canopy to the platform.

Commissioning Agent: Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and the Arts Council for Long Beach
artist Team:Freya Bardell and Brian Howe
site: Long Beach, CA
size of work: 28' High, Deck 30' x 30', Canopy 20' diameter x 10' high engineer: Buro Happold
general contractor: Hinerfeld-Ward
special thanks: Josko Kirigin, Jihyeun Byeon, Edwin Cho, Alique Garabed, Ruth Jahja, Sasha Monge