Guadalupe River Trail, San Jose, CA


“Lupe”  is comprised of 78 layers of bent steel pipe, stacked and welded to form a 1:1 scale adult Columbian Mammoth. The Artwork was a joint effort, commissioned in 2010, by the San Jose Public Art Program and Parks and Recreation Trail Program. Lupe is sited at the Lower Guadalupe Trail in San Jose, CA.

Greenmeme Artists Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe
Project Manager: Edward Henry

Project Administrator: Jennifer Easton, Director, San Jose DCA
Engineering: CM Peck, Andrew Nasser
General Contractor: Tucker Construction, Inc
Pipe Bending: Paramount Roll and Forming
Fabrication: Project Steel
Galvanizing: Coating by Calwest Galvanizing

3D Modelling / Testing for Material Efficiency
Comments on the engineering process. Mention Ed, Andrew, Chris Peck. Numerous iterations through models and drawings. New method of fabrication in relation to pipe bending. 

Testing with scale models

Once engineering was complete, the fabrication process was the production of thousands of custom bent parts, which were then assembled and welded to an interior frame.

Once fabrication was complete, it was time for Lupe to make her journey from Los Angeles to the the banks of the Guadalupe River in San Jose.