2014 : Monteith Park, Los Angeles CA

“Reclaimed Block Party” is a playful spin on a typical park bench, by designing one that can seat the whole block. The tables and chairs twist around a giant tree, sometimes in shade and sometimes in sun.  The piece is a a place for watching a movie, a lunch spot, or a play space. Painted blue, the color of the piece visually connects the sky to the earth. Hidden throughout are “discovery games” that highlight the flora and fauna in the park and encourage “nature play”.

Site: Monteith Park, View Park, Los Angeles Commissioning Agent: Los Angeles County Art Commission. Artist Team: Freya Bardell and Brian Howe
Project Manager: Erin Harkey Medium: secondhand tables and chairs, milk paint, stencils, bowls, community Dimensions: 4' high by 10’ wide by 50’ long

On Sunday November 9th 2014 the community hosted a picnic inviting community members to experience the sculpture together and to share ideas about how activating the artwork can enrich the neighborhood. Attendees brought picnic lunches—fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, favorite recipes, lots of games and music.
For over three months the sculpture was used to host civic events, picnics, potlucks, community meetings. The sculpture was occasionally rearranged, moved, split apart and reformed.