A.C. Bilbrew Library, Willowbrook

"Rise and Shine" is located within an open courtyard at the A.C. Bilbrew Library, in the community of Willowbrook, Los Angeles. The artwork provides a sculptural environment where functions of seating, landscape and fresh air work to enhance the daily experience of the library staff and it's users. Contrary to the interior spaces, the site allows for higher levels of activity and sound encouraging unique programming opportunities.

A.C Bilbrew Library, Willowbrook, LA
Commissioning agent:
Los Angeles County Art Commission
Artist team: Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe
Michael Ni Associates
Render work and CD prep:
Edward Henry
Project manager: Erin Harkey and Pauline Kamiyama
Outreach manager: Sara Daleiden
Medium:gold paint perforated stainless panel, concrete planter,, plants
gold paint.    

Project Site: Underused courtyard within the interior of the A.C. Bilbrew Library
Prototyping: Early Concept Renderings

Installation: View from Interior

Installation: Courtyard Views