Our first River Liver was created in 2005 in the Los Angeles River, with the intention of raising awareness of the wealth of diversity in both the ecological and cultural conditions that line its concrete banks.

The River Liver project has since become a yearly ritual, designed to “restore” the health of different stressed and polluted bodies of water.

River Livers are made through community events, in locations where being “down by the river” is not common. We encourage people to create their own River Livers, based around evolving strategies for culturally and ecologically reclaiming their water resources.

River Livers, if given long enough, begin to physically remediate their environment and break down toxic pollutants in the water. However, we have found that the most significant remediation occurs within ourselves, walking away with new friendships based in unique experience and a renewed enthusiasm to come together and reclaim our environment.

The Migration of the Marine Tumbleweed for GLOW and River Liver in Stowe Lake are temporary performative projects that are hosted in water and activated by the public.